Princess Grace Ipres

Dutiful heir to the throne of Marnh


Grace is the eldest child of King Ephraim IV and Queen Marta, and a remarkably unassuming character given her station. Formerly a rebellious teen, she has mellowed considerably in recent years, though still remains quite a private individual. Whilst she is present at all the important tournaments and soirées, as is the expectation, she spends a significant amount of time outside of court. It is noted that she enjoys trawling the libraries of Queensport University, as well as having a knack for the art of Court Sword.

Consensus among the nobility is that Grace is a fitting successor to Ephraim, though perhaps not assertive enough to be an effective ruler by herself. As such, pretty much every noble house worth their salt is propositioning the King with betrothals to their most eligible. The king has been remarkably dismissive of such advances, instead focusing his attentions on his younger son Antonin (whom many believe to be far better suited to inherit the throne).

Princess Grace Ipres

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